The HWM 100 is our key differentiator from other wealth managers. Limiting our client list to just 100 clients underlies the fundamental approach of our entire operation: Commitment to client service and attention.

Heck Wealth Management strives to serve the HMW 100 through a long-standing, beneficial commitment to your well-being. From the warmth of our team to knowing exactly how you take your coffee, we go beyond excellent financial services by demonstrating care and compassion.

Our founder, Ken Heck, developed his investment approach through years on Wall Street, and he has fine-tuned his service offering through many years of Private Wealth Management. He has created a dedicated, streamlined wealth management practice that offers clients a full-service experience with a more personalized approach. There are no call centers or hold times. Just Ken, Jami, and Thyra ready to take your call.

The foundation of Heck Wealth Management is communication. We spend time to understand you and your family, your business, and your concerns. Our experience helps us ask all the right questions, so you can give us all the right answers.

Once we understand your goals and concerns, we make sure you understand all available alternatives. We discuss plans, risks, and costs so you are left with no surprises.

Educated and empowered clients make smart decisions, which is critical since we give advice and you give orders.


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